TTT: Requests to Santa

It’s Christmas! And unlike Halloween and Thanksgiving, we do celebrate this one in South Africa (what a relief)! Last year I made a wish list with The Broke and the Bookish, and I got two of those books. Here are my “Top Ten Books I wouldn’t mind Santa bringing me”. Pretty please, Santa! I should note thatContinue reading “TTT: Requests to Santa”

TTT: Looking towards 2013

This week is my one year anniversary of doing Top Ten Tuesdays with TBTB! Thought you should know 🙂 Round about this time every year I become a little disillusioned with available books. It begins to feel like the choices out there are really just rehashed – the same special powers, weird worlds, forbidden romances.Continue reading “TTT: Looking towards 2013”

Books Making Me Sick!

Made you look, didn’t I? I still love books. This is a fun meme started by SarawithnH, but I saw it at Anna’s Pocket Full of Books. It’s all about books coinciding with illnesses, which sounds weird but is actually really cute. I’m tired and this is the most medical thing I can muster atContinue reading “Books Making Me Sick!”

I am thankful for… [The Bookish Edition]

It seems there are a lot of holidays we don’t celebrate in South Africa. A while ago it was Halloween, this time it’s Thanksgiving. It’s not that we don’t take time to be thankful, but we don’t have Thanksgiving Day. (A while ago I learned that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on a different date than theContinue reading “I am thankful for… [The Bookish Edition]”

Ten Reasons I Love YA

When I discovered the world of book blogging last year, I saw “YA” everywhere. Yaya? Ja? I was confused. Thank goodness for Google. YA = Young Adult. A genre I thought I was too old for. No wonder my reading slowed down – reading adult lit all the time can be so draining. In theContinue reading “Ten Reasons I Love YA”

TTT Freebie: Pets make the world go round

This week’s TTT with The Broke and the Bookish is a freebie, which means that we get to choose our own topic. Since I love pets, I’ve gone with favourite bookish pets. Someone suggested it as a topic in a previous Freebie TTT, but I can’t remember who it was… sorry!

Top Ten Halloween Reads

Halloween is not big in South Africa – did you know that? I’m not sure why, it seems it just never took off. Most of us know what it’s about though, but trick-or-treating doesn’t happen, and neither does dress-up on a large scale (apart from college parties). A large number of Christians here condemn it,Continue reading “Top Ten Halloween Reads”

Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Minor Characters

  This week’s TTT with The Broke and the Bookish is the both dreaded and wonderful REWIND. Click here to see all the past topics used for previous TTTs. I chose Top Ten Minor Characters. It was a bit of a challenge because I hardly remember the names of major characters, never mind minor characters! I loveContinue reading “Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Minor Characters”

Top Ten Books Not To Be Forgotten

For this week’s TTT, The Broke and the Bookish asks for the Top Ten “Older” Books You Don’t Want People To Forget About (you can define older however you wish. The point is to share books that could be forgotten about in the midst of all the new releases). This one makes me happy, because I am notContinue reading “Top Ten Books Not To Be Forgotten”