Cranial Nerves and Dirty Minds

Cranial Nerves are little buggers. They’re one of those things that you need to study and study and study and repeat, and then actually have to recall when in a real-life patient situation. (GCS is also on of those things.) Fortunately, there are many mnemonics to remind us of the cranial nerves and their functions.Continue reading “Cranial Nerves and Dirty Minds”

Snow White’s X-Ray Phenomena

Radiology tutorials make me sleepy. I don’t find them boring, strangely… they just send me straight into narcoleptic episodes. But this one was fun: Basically, neonatal X-rays (yes, they do periodically expose those little things to X-rays) can be divided into different presentations. Grainy, Streaky, Blacky, Fluffy, Hazy, Bubbly and Dotty. And of course, SnowContinue reading “Snow White’s X-Ray Phenomena”

Favourite Funnies

I don’t believe in using too many mnemonics or rhymes to remember things, as remembering the mnemonic in itself can be a difficult task. To work, it must either be very funny, very relevant, or very entrenched. Here are some of my favourites – some because they are hilarious and some simply because they work.Continue reading “Favourite Funnies”