Pouring My Heart Out: Med Student, Y U no do holiday job?

My three-week Winter Recess is coming rapidly to an end. Note that this is the first time I’ve been home, or had any kind of holiday since 6 January this year. A few days ago, somebody asked my parents why I’m not doing a holiday job.

The Unhappy Doctor

My presence in the medical community has not been lengthy, but I’ve noticed one thing: A lot of doctors are terminally unhappy. I know they think we don’t notice their scowl, their rush to get out of the hospital, their snide comments when the patient is finally subdued by the anaesthetic. I see it. IContinue reading “The Unhappy Doctor”

Organ Donation, Unwinding and the Black Market

Organ donation is becoming more and more of an issue. It should have been a huge issue ages ago. Nazirah wrote a great post about it here. I recently read Unwind by Neal Shusterman. You need to read it. It is a warped and really freaky story. The fictional concept of unwinding is the process of donatingContinue reading “Organ Donation, Unwinding and the Black Market”

Summer Jobs: A Necessary Evil

While Christmas shopping today I was recognised by some girls from my high school. It means a lot to me because I was kind of a someone in high school – often in the limelight and usually for a good reason – so university has sometimes made me feel small and invisible. Anyways, the girlsContinue reading “Summer Jobs: A Necessary Evil”