Discussing The Giver’s Relevance in GIFs

South African schools don’t really study The Giver by Lois Lowry as prescribed reading, so I finally read it last weekend. I had been putting it off for years but it is such a quick and easy read that I could read it in an afternoon.

Guys, I had so many thoughts about it afterwards. On GoodReads I gave it a pretty high rating, BECAUSE THERE WAS NO “QUESTION-MARK” OPTION! I have never felt so conflicted about a book before. Okay, maybe once before, in Lord of the Flies, after that whole thing with the rock happened. That was unnecessary.

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Top Ten Non-Books

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and The Bookish is all about those things we entertain ourselves with that AREN’T books – namely, series and movies.

I have to admit, I have never been a big fan of television and movies. Movies were only really a social activity for me (a.k.a. dates and girls’ nights out) and I don’t really like television. But as university is wont to do, a lot of that changed. Because what’s better than bingeing on a series when you should be studying? Also, The Boy LOVES movies, and so that is one of our activities together.

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TTT: Book to Silver Screen

I must say that I love reading so much more than movies and series – which this week’s TTT is all about. However, since The Boy really doesn’t read all that much, I do watch a fair share of movies. It is also my way of ensuring he doesn’t COMPLETELY miss out on the magic (we watched The Hunger Games and Warm Bodies together, for example). Sometimes I watch the movie first, and I’ve stopped feeling guilty about that too.

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Video: You Are So Beautiful

One of the South African medical aid providers, Discovery Health, is starting with the implementation of large-scale electronic record-keeping.

While there are many debates around electronic record-keeping, I have struggled enough with “lost” files and illegible notes to be in support of such technology.

Here is the advertisement for their “HealthID”:

I love this advert. I’m just not reeeally sure how relevant it is to the product. It seems to be a wonderful tribute to health care professionals and certainly very touching. What do you think?

TTT: Books to Movies

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish is a little counter-intuitive for me. My first love was, and will always be, books. I always watch movies based on books, but I am more often than not disappointed. It’s great that non-readers get to enjoy these stories too, but often they don’t get the deeper meaning of the characters or the storyline. But it is an honour for the author, so here goes my top ten books I’d like to see made into a movie.

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