Book Review: Another Day in the Frontal Lobe

Did I ever tell you that a single book gave me the push I needed to accept my spot at Med School? The book in question was called 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa, but this is not about that book. In previous years, books were like my daily bread and water. With the workloadContinue reading “Book Review: Another Day in the Frontal Lobe”

Neurosciences 371: Pretty Darn Cool

Today I feel lazy and not in the mood to study, even though I have a big test next Friday. I felt so lazy that I actually got up and made some Rice Crispie cakes; and then proceeded to eat them all. All in the name of not studying. I feel quite ill, if thatContinue reading “Neurosciences 371: Pretty Darn Cool”

Neurosciences 371: The first dissection

South African medical students are very fortunate in that we always have access to cadavers for dissection. Many western countries, as I have been told, simply don’t have these available to medical students. My class started dissecting in September 2009. The new syllabus is all about integration, so where in the past curricula students spentContinue reading “Neurosciences 371: The first dissection”

Neurosciences 371: The Beginning

Today was my second day of class for the year. I have not yet received my results from Friday’s exam – which was horrible, by the way – but I can’t very well not attend classes. We are doing Neurosciences 371 now. I have not yet learnt terribly much, but I think it will beContinue reading “Neurosciences 371: The Beginning”