“Whatever You Decide To Be, Be A Teacher”

I recently had the opportunity to speak about medicine as a career at a local high school. It has been many years, and even as I narrow my fields of practice, I remain passionate about doing what I can to enable kids to make informed choices about their careers – and so that those whoContinue reading ““Whatever You Decide To Be, Be A Teacher””

Med School Acceptance: The war before the war

By now, most school-leavers in South Africa have settled their plans for next year – that is to say, the majority of kids who will start their first year of MB.ChB. (Bachelor’s of Medicine and Bachelor’s of Surgery) next year, now know – and I’m sure they are very excited (and congrats to all ofContinue reading “Med School Acceptance: The war before the war”

Healing our Healthcare

South African public healthcare is in a state of crisis. We train some of the best healthcare workers in the world. Send a South African doctor to Haiti, to India, to a war-stricken zone, and they know what to do. They are used to working with restricted resources under harsh conditions. They save lives andContinue reading “Healing our Healthcare”