One Year On

Exactly one year ago, I started Internship. Hard to believe that the terrifying days just kept coming, until one day they weren’t so terrifying anymore. Today marks the beginning of my second year of Internship, as the new interns arrive. I am excited for them, mostly. I also have quite a few friends coming! I’llContinue reading “One Year On”

Self-Care Is Hard

As my first year as an adult (sort-of maybe I guess?) draws to an end, I find myself reflecting a lot on what has happened. Incoming interns ask for advice and I wanted to write a really cool and inspirational post but I find myself not knowing what to say. Almost as if I haven’tContinue reading “Self-Care Is Hard”

6th Annual End of Year Bookish Survey

Once again I’m linking up with Jamie at Perpetual Page Turner for her awesome End Of Year book survey! Where book titles are hypelinked, they link to my reviews 🙂 Number Of Books You Read: 61! Number of Re-Reads: I don’t think I re-read any books this year. I’m not so big into that. GenreContinue reading “6th Annual End of Year Bookish Survey”

My Year in Review: 50 Questions to Reflect, Appreciate and Get Excited for 2015

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I had a fantastic time with family and friends and was so busy that I didn’t even start the computer once. I found these questions at Into Mind by Anuschka and I thought they made for some great reflections. I was pretty disappointed in myself for struggling to answerContinue reading “My Year in Review: 50 Questions to Reflect, Appreciate and Get Excited for 2015”

5th Annual End of Year Book Survey!

It’s time for another end of year book survey with Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner! I read more than I thought I would be able to get away with. Here’s a bit of a roundup of the year! Where titles are hyper-linked, the redirect to my reviews. Number Of Books You Read: 59 (re-readsContinue reading “5th Annual End of Year Book Survey!”