On Call During A Riot

Last night while on call I treated rubber bullet injuries. I treated MANY rubber bullet injuries. If you thought rubber bullets only cause bruising – well, you’d be wrong. They can penetrate. During my fourth year forensic pathology rotation, we did an autopsy on a man who died due to a rubber bullet embolism. 

Should Doctors Be Allowed To Nap On The Job? (Response)

I honestly cannot understand how this is even a question anymore. It’s a DUMB QUESTION. Here’s a question we should be asking: Should Doctors Be Allowed To Work Shifts Longer Than Eighteen Hours Without A Break? Debate THAT, self-righteous online world.

Does New Data on Patient Confidentiality Change Anything?

The recent NPR-Truven Health Analytics Poll data illuminated some interesting data. In this poll, 3,000 Americans were interviewed about their concerns (or lack thereof) regarding their health records. Surprisingly, by the responses it seems at first glance that American patients are not all that concerned about the confidentiality of their health records. As per theContinue reading “Does New Data on Patient Confidentiality Change Anything?”


I’m going to be a doctor!   Final year of med school done. Name badge with “Dr”: received. I’m officially on holiday for a month before I begin my job as Intern. Just an oath taking and a graduation still to come. It feel so unreal! I don’t know what else to say. Woooooohooooo!

I’m an early-adopter and this is a rant

There’s a story I tell hopefuls wishing to run for student government. Near the end of 2011 I was elected as chairperson of my med school’s student government. I had made big promises  during my campaign and so the first thing I did was (try to) get a meeting with the CEO of our training hospital.Continue reading “I’m an early-adopter and this is a rant”

Humane Hours for Junior Doctors is a Matter of National Importance

There is a petition on Change.org for better working hours for junior doctors in South Africa. Despite the fact that there are far more than 1 000 doctors in South Africa, only 831 people have signed it so far. Because I got some interesting responses to previous posts about working conditions, a quick low-down on the status-quo:Continue reading “Humane Hours for Junior Doctors is a Matter of National Importance”

On ComServe, and the Desroches Case

My friends and I have this joke among ourselves. We say that medical school is like slavery. But then we say, it’s actually WORSE than slavery, because we PAY to work ridiculous hours in ridiculous conditions. As you can see it’s kind of more of a tragedy, but we’ve chosen to make it a joke.Continue reading “On ComServe, and the Desroches Case”

Demystifying Women’s Health

If you want to rile me up, you should talk about women’s health. Even the word, Women’s Health, annoys me. Why should only issues relating to my genitalia and my baby-making organs and my female hormones be referred to as Women’s Health, but the rest of me is… what? Men’s Health? And for that matter, whyContinue reading “Demystifying Women’s Health”

Cure for AIDS: In the Pipeline?

When 28 Stories for AIDS in Africa inspired me to study medicine, I thought I was brilliant enough to find a cure to HIV. I imagined that state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, combined with the drive of curing my patients, would slip everything into place. I imagined that, like a light bulb, the solution would suddenly beContinue reading “Cure for AIDS: In the Pipeline?”

Being Culturally Sensitive in One’s Pursuits

I’ve written before about abortion rights and about the dangers of preventing women from exercising reproductive choice: It’s simple – they resort to illegal means. Despite my belief in offering a choice, articles about Women on Waves‘s latest attempt to enter Morocco, disgusted me. And let me be clear: I’m disgusted by their attempt, notContinue reading “Being Culturally Sensitive in One’s Pursuits”