The Knitting Intern

I just… I mean… KNITTING?! I have so many bad preconceived notions about it. The teenager in my brain still wants to paste an L to my forehead just thinking of it. Which is mean because people I love have made me some really awesome knitwear. Will I enjoy it? What if I suck at it? Is it an expensive hobby? Will I really be able to put it down and pick it back up without difficulty? WHAT WILL I MAKE?!

Redhead Anaesthetics

On Anaesthetics Call recently, we were administering spinal anaesthetic to a female patient for Cesarean section. She was a friendly redhead who reminded me a lot of Eleanor from Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park. She told us a lot of things, like that we would have to take the para-median approach to the spinal (weContinue reading “Redhead Anaesthetics”

Being Culturally Sensitive in One’s Pursuits

I’ve written before about abortion rights and about the dangers of preventing women from exercising reproductive choice: It’s simple – they resort to illegal means. Despite my belief in offering a choice, articles about Women on Waves‘s latest attempt to enter Morocco, disgusted me. And let me be clear: I’m disgusted by their attempt, notContinue reading “Being Culturally Sensitive in One’s Pursuits”

The Abortion Post

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but was uncertain if I was ready for the flurry of spam/ hate mail that tends to accompany these kind of posts. One of today’s PostSecrets changed my mind. I’m pro-choice. Not because I know what my decision would or would not be if I wereContinue reading “The Abortion Post”

Pouring My Heart Out About Birthing Plans

I’m not going to whine today. I’m not even going to be diplomatic. Because I’m annoyed. Because I believe in the rights of the patient, and because I love obstetrics and neonatology I’ve been reading a lot of blogs where women share their birth stories. And a lot of them write about how they feltContinue reading “Pouring My Heart Out About Birthing Plans”

Blog it for Babies: About How I Almost Wasn’t

In keeping with my general broodiness and my current Neonatology rotation, I couldn’t let “Blog it for Babies” go by. BIFB is an attempt to raise funds and deliver equipment to a clinic in Bangladesh, where infant mortality is extremely high. They want to raise awareness too, so if you can’t afford to donate (likeContinue reading “Blog it for Babies: About How I Almost Wasn’t”

Teaching People To Walk Better

This past week, Stellenbosch University has been celebrating the successes of the Hope Project (about which I have written before). In two years, the SU has made leaps and bounds of improvements in the fields of healthcare, legal aid, agriculture and science. For more on all that, you can check out these two sites orContinue reading “Teaching People To Walk Better”

Meet the Phantom (not of the Opera)

You do not need to be a medical or nursing student to have heard the term “phantom pregnancy”. Pseudocyesis is pretty much when a woman’s body believes she is pregnant. Only, she’s not. Her abdomen will distend. Some will even claim to feel the baby kicking. And here’s the kicker (sorry, couldn’t resist)… true phantomsContinue reading “Meet the Phantom (not of the Opera)”

Delivery in the Lab

Our last day of autopsies today and I finally took a deep breath and asked my question: “Do you ever get pregnant mothers? Do you look at the babies?” Yes. Sometimes the pregnancy is an incidental finding, tiny 12-week old fetuses. Sometimes they pregnancy is almost term. They won’t usually dissect the fetus, but theyContinue reading “Delivery in the Lab”