Question: On Contact Lenses and HIV Exposure

I have a very good relationship with my optometrists – so much so that I still have not found a Cape Town-based optometrist. At my recent vision test (my vision is significantly worse, again) I mentioned cutting back on my contact lens use and relying more on my glasses.

For the Children with Specs

“Can you read the top letter?” I ask the six-year-old with the massive specs. “That’s a number eight!” she exclaims, visibly proud. Or maybe relieved. After a few more lines, she falters. “six… no, five- threeeee… uhm…” “Read it.” Says the voice in the corner. Her mother. “You can read. Don’t let the white doctorContinue reading “For the Children with Specs”

How to use an Ophthalmoscope

Two weeks ago I asked for tips using a direct ophthalmoscope and since then, I have come to learn that the two most ubiquitous tips in this regard are a) practice makes perfect; and b) ophthalmoscopy is hard. Both of these are true, and thank you if you gave me those tips, because they madeContinue reading “How to use an Ophthalmoscope”

Midnight Inspiration: Dystopia

Our ophthalmology rotation ends today, and we have a theoretical exam as well as a viva voce exam. A week of migraines necessitated an all-nighter, and naturally, this was what my brain fixated on: Books taught me about dystopias first: “An imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarianContinue reading “Midnight Inspiration: Dystopia”

Dad wants to see. I want him to, too.

This is my Dad’s retina. As written previously, he has Juvenile Macular Degeneration, Stargardt’s Disease. This causes degeneration of the macula fovea, which is basically the area of the retina with the highest concentration of cells for acute vision.

Visit to the Optometrist

Holiday means catching up on appointments. Having grown up in East London, I feel I have pinpointed the best optometrist, orthodontist and hairdresser and I don’t feel the need to go through the torture of finding new ones in Cape Town. And anyway, the people here need the capital flow a lot more. Today wasContinue reading “Visit to the Optometrist”

Neurosciences 371: Pretty Darn Cool

Today I feel lazy and not in the mood to study, even though I have a big test next Friday. I felt so lazy that I actually got up and made some Rice Crispie cakes; and then proceeded to eat them all. All in the name of not studying. I feel quite ill, if thatContinue reading “Neurosciences 371: Pretty Darn Cool”