Letter to the Neonates

I know you will probably never read this, but I hope you will one day grow to be able to read. I hope that you will attend a school that has electricity and running water and teachers that love their job. I want you to know that you inspire me. When I see you inContinue reading “Letter to the Neonates”

I was a patient

Yesterday I was a patient at a local casualty. I had been rolling around with the worst abdominal pains ever, and eventually decided that I couldn’t wait for our GP to start his day. I thought I was dying. Things I learned: IV lines really hurt – I get really annoyed when people act likeContinue reading “I was a patient”

Paediatric Oncology in a South African Hospital

I’m spending some of my elective-time at a Paediatric Oncology ward. It was the thing (and incidentally also the exact ward) that started my tentative steps into the world of medicine many years ago. In South Africa, common childhood malignancies include ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia), Wilm’s Tumours (Nephroblastoma), malignancies of the CNS and Retinoblastoma. IContinue reading “Paediatric Oncology in a South African Hospital”

A week in a township hospital

Remember how my elective in Kolkata completely bummed out? It was then organised that I do my elective at a public hospital complex in my home town. The hospital I have been at this week is situated in a large township. I won’t lie – I was particularly worried. It is very scary adjusting toContinue reading “A week in a township hospital”

War Stories: OSCEs

Did I ever tell you about the paediatric OSCE that went horribly wrong? I think I might have alluded to it once or twice. The Paeds Rotation is possibly the scariest rotation at our school – stories abound of students who passed their final year rotations with honours, but had to repeat Paediatrics. So weContinue reading “War Stories: OSCEs”

Dahl’s Contribution to Medicine

My fascination with author Roald Dahl is well-documented throughout this blog. One of my friends on campus, who shares my love of reading and history (and is a fan of QI) recently increased my esteem for Dahl even more. You may remember that on Roald Dahl Day I posted about the author’s interest in theContinue reading “Dahl’s Contribution to Medicine”

Women in Medicine: Maria Montessori

The Google -doodle (I love that thing) informs me that today is would have been Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday. I have visited some Montessori schools in South Africa, but I’m not well acquainted with the life of Ms Montessori. Lo and behold, it turns out that Montessori was first and foremost a medical doctor, andContinue reading “Women in Medicine: Maria Montessori”