Green Landscapes

Linking up with The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for today’s post. My favourite colour is green. I have never had a picture or a notebook or a set of revision notes without the colour. It breathes life for me, and I am fortunate to live in a country that has it abundantly.

Weekly Photo Challenge : A Foreigner in China

This week’s theme for The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge is “Foreign”. I’ve had two opportunities to travel beyond the borders of South Africa – once to Canada and Connecticut/NYC, and the other to China. For Canada I was in Montreal, and the French certainly made me feel relatively non-local. But China? In China I wasContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge : A Foreigner in China”

Raining on your Parade: Little Pinkfoot

I must come across as a real annoying know-it-all. I’m not, sorta. But I do get annoyed with online hoaxes. I don’t really care how cute they are. I don’t have a problem with Photoshop, but trying to sell a Photoshopped image as real constitutes lying in my book. So there. The picture alongside hasContinue reading “Raining on your Parade: Little Pinkfoot”

Upcycled at the Arts Fest

Like last year, I attended the National Arts Festival (better known as the Grahamstown Festival) yesterday. Apart from the superb shows, the Arts Fest has some lovely arts&crafters selling their work. Although they’re all great, my favourites are the ones that are made from recycled material:  

Photo Friday: Skeletal Humour

In 2010 I shared this picture via Youth Journalism International of a skeleton in our faculty dressed up for the Fifa World Cup. (Click the link and scroll down to the middle-left.) Today we had a rather long clinical skills session for our anaesthesiology block. This little guy met us there. I laughed: