Delayed St Patrick’s Day Post

Here’s the thing about the Boy and me: We expose each other to different realities. I take him to formal balls and artsy films that he tries to write off to his so-called snobby past. He keeps me grounded and reminds me to have some fun. Last Saturday he dragged me to a St Patrick’sContinue reading “Delayed St Patrick’s Day Post”

China Part II: Scenic Learning

The overall reason for our trip to China was a liaison-opportunity with Hunan University. We had the opportunity to explore the university grounds and to interact with the students. Having experienced Stellenbosch Main Campus – a beautiful campus – it was a pleasant surprise to explore an equally beautiful (albeit differently so) campus.

China Part 1: Awestruck in Zhangjiajie

Part of my trip to China in September included a three day trip to Zhangjiajie, a World Heritage Site and the first National Park of China. Certain scenes of the movie Avatar were shot there (I have never watched the movie, and now that I have seen the real-life place I am afraid the movie willContinue reading “China Part 1: Awestruck in Zhangjiajie”

Dusty Keepsakes for the Heart(hard)drive

A little project I attacked with some vigour during this shortish holiday was digitalising our family archives – which basically entailed scanning our family pictures to my computer (I like hyperbole, okay). My dad and I share a soft spot for the family history and I have had nightmares of losing all the old filesContinue reading “Dusty Keepsakes for the Heart(hard)drive”


 Day 5: What do you prefer to do on your birthday? Birthdays are big in our family – as are Mothersdays, Fathersdays, and holidays like Christmas and Easter. We have learnt how fragile life is, even the youngest of us. In my Grade 12-year we lost so many family  members and friends that I seemedContinue reading “Birthday-thoughts”