“Water, Water, Every Where”

I live in a water-scarce country on a water-scarce continent. I grew up with a little ditty, “Kinders moenie in die water mors nie, die ou mense wil dit drink” – “Children, don’t mess with water, the old people want to drink it”. Parts of my country has had water restrictions in the years thatContinue reading ““Water, Water, Every Where””

Removing the Stigma from Mental Illness

It has been a long and difficult week in Psychiatry. This week, we’ve been exposed to a large mental hospital campus, where I found working with intellectually disabled children and therapy groups especially insightful – and emotionally taxing. Here is a short TedTalk by one of the psychiatrists working there. It is pretty self-explanatory, butContinue reading “Removing the Stigma from Mental Illness”

Review: The Big Necessity by Rose George

One of the first things I noticed when I started traveling was international differences in public restrooms. In New York City I was met with the conundrum of a city that has everything except restrooms. In China I saw squat toilets for the first time – and refused to use them. Working in a hospitalContinue reading “Review: The Big Necessity by Rose George”

Human: Noun, Noxious Substance

There is a school of thought that the Earth, rather than being several physical and biological structures, is one big functional organism. It is called the Gaia Hypothesis, pivoting on much the same idea as homeostasis, except that in this case one rather calls it homeorhesis, meaning the return to a specific trajectory and notContinue reading “Human: Noun, Noxious Substance”