Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

I’m joining up with Post-a-Day’s weekly writing challenge this week and writing about “a few of my favourite things.”

Moving 1000km for university was hard. Years I later I learned the term ADJUSTMENT DISORDER and knew, that was what I had. Luggage restrictions restricted what I could carry from home to my new room. Mostly necessities. A few photos. My Grade 12 yearbook. And three teddies.

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“When Last did you Major in Unafraid?”

I don’t usually write these kinds of things on my blog, but PointlessPurpleBubbles wrote on the topic recently and it inspired me. It helped a little because I think I managed to express things I haven’t been able to understand myself.

*  *  *

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The Greatest Commodity

It’s cold in Cape Town today. It reminds me of a time where hundreds of South African babies died for  a lack of incubators. Incubators are wonderful things, the way they protect the little children who arrive in the world a little too early.

Something else that saved a lot of lives was the simple knit beanie. Babies have huge heads compared to their bodies, and they love a lot of heat through it. Volunteers knitted and donated beanies to NICUs, and suddenly babies thrived.

A lot of money is spent to keep neonates alive.

But the most valuable commodity in the Neonatal ICU is not the incubator or the oxygen tank or even the doctor.

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