Dear Medical Student: Med School Is Not Worth Your Self-Harm

Dear Medical Student: medical school is worth a lot of things. I can tell you that because I went from hating medical school to loving being a doctor (well, on most days).

But it’s not worth that.

Pouring my heart out: Doctors are not Superhumans

I saw this PostSecret this past Sunday. As with many secrets, this one elicited some strong emotions. Not only empathy, but anger. Anger not at the doctor who sent the secret, but at the medical community at large, and the lack of support for doctors. A patient on my shift miscarried in the ER. IContinue reading “Pouring my heart out: Doctors are not Superhumans”

Pouring My Heart Out: Med Student, Y U no do holiday job?

My three-week Winter Recess is coming rapidly to an end. Note that this is the first time I’ve been home, or had any kind of holiday since 6 January this year. A few days ago, somebody asked my parents why I’m not doing a holiday job.