TTT: Book to Silver Screen

I must say that I love reading so much more than movies and series – which this week’s TTT is all about. However, since The Boy really doesn’t read all that much, I do watch a fair share of movies. It is also my way of ensuring he doesn’t COMPLETELY miss out on the magic (weContinue reading “TTT: Book to Silver Screen”

TTT: Books for the Traveler

I am changing things just a little for today’s Top Ten Tuesday. The topic is Top Ten Books that feature TRAVELLING in some way. I’m choosing books that I think travelers would like. Whether you are traveling, have actively traveled, or dream about traveling, these books are all set in foreign countries and are great toContinue reading “TTT: Books for the Traveler”

Ten Books Prospective Health Students Should Read

Today for Top Ten Tuesday FREEBIE I discuss ten books that I believe everyone hoping to study medicine, nursing, physiotherapy (and so on) should read. Last year I wrote a post about nine things students should do before deciding to study medicine. I also made a list of books for fans of medicine. This newContinue reading “Ten Books Prospective Health Students Should Read”

The Weird Intern Who Stepped Up To The Plate

A few days ago I wrote about my identification with Heather Brooks from Grey’s Anatomy (and how I wasn’t sure if I liked that). Since then, I heard from one doc that she used to identify with ER’s Dr Carter and from another soon-to-be medical student who identifies with Izzie (minus the LVAD chaos). IContinue reading “The Weird Intern Who Stepped Up To The Plate”

Book Review: Defining Moments by Dr Marius Barnard

I was ten years old when I learned my first bit of medical history: the first heart transplant, which was performed in South Africa by Dr Christiaan Barnard. We were not told that his little brother played a role in this world-changing surgery as well. A year later, Dr C. Barnard died unexpectedly. I wasContinue reading “Book Review: Defining Moments by Dr Marius Barnard”

TTT: Lightweights

A week back in the country and settling in is harder than expected. I haven’t even read a book, because exams are all-consuming. I suppose the South African Medicines Formulary is technically a book. Anyways, this week’s TTT is about books that are light and fun. I realised while writing this that I am notContinue reading “TTT: Lightweights”

TTT Freebie: Everybody Loves Quotes

Happy Christmas! I have just had a delicious Christmas lunch with the family, and I feel incredibly blessed. Life is good. Today’s Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and The Bookish is a freebie, so that those who are too busy celebrating aren’t left out. I wouldn’t have posted this if not for the post-lunchContinue reading “TTT Freebie: Everybody Loves Quotes”

Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Minor Characters

  This week’s TTT with The Broke and the Bookish is the both dreaded and wonderful REWIND. Click here to see all the past topics used for previous TTTs. I chose Top Ten Minor Characters. It was a bit of a challenge because I hardly remember the names of major characters, never mind minor characters! I loveContinue reading “Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Minor Characters”