Three Things You Can’t Do With A Broken Middle Finger

1. Write neat patient notes (my OT-sister says that means my pencil grip isn’t great. But it is functional. When I have a functioning hand.) 2. Draw blood on a neonate (because of the crab-grip required. Those little premies can be quite powerful when you bring a needle their way.) 3. Carry a heavy textbookContinue reading “Three Things You Can’t Do With A Broken Middle Finger”

Elective Extravaganza: Radiology in Cape Town

Finally I’ve found another victim amazing participant for Elective Extravaganza. Today I talk to Mari Gildenhuys, a fifth year medical student at Stellenbosch University. She did her fourth year elective in Radiology and had a fabulous time. Radiology has always been daunting to me, as you might have noticed in some of my previous posts.Continue reading “Elective Extravaganza: Radiology in Cape Town”

[Guest] Elective Extravaganza: Nuclear Medicine in KZN

The second in my series about medical electives, today I share a post written by Stéphan, a medical student from South Africa who has just completed his fourth year. He writes about what may well be the least-known elective and discipline. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know if you would like to share aboutContinue reading “[Guest] Elective Extravaganza: Nuclear Medicine in KZN”

All them youngins’ got swollen heads

We referred a young, generally healthy patient for a CT scan a while ago. I can’t remember what we were investigating, but I do remember that she didn’t have any hard signs of cerebral oedema (brain swelling). Lo and behold, the radiologist’s report proclaimed, “signs of cerebral oedema.” Uh-oh.

Snow White’s X-Ray Phenomena

Radiology tutorials make me sleepy. I don’t find them boring, strangely… they just send me straight into narcoleptic episodes. But this one was fun: Basically, neonatal X-rays (yes, they do periodically expose those little things to X-rays) can be divided into different presentations. Grainy, Streaky, Blacky, Fluffy, Hazy, Bubbly and Dotty. And of course, SnowContinue reading “Snow White’s X-Ray Phenomena”

Discussion with a Medical Oncologist

During a visit to Oncology…  On curing cancer: “People will tell you that cancer can’t be cured. But I’ll tell you this: Cancer is about the only disease that can be cured. By and large, most diseases are not cured, they are managed. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Back to the Beginning

Remember how I wrote that a book inspired me to finally accepting placement at med school? Well, long before that, I had often said that if I were to study medicine, I would like to be an oncologist. I was a member of my school’s Interact club and spent a weekly afternoon with the kidsContinue reading “Back to the Beginning”

When doin’ it wrong is fatal

Radiology was quite cool. It is amazing how many things physicians conveniently forget when sending a patient for a scan. Like not sending a proper history and examination report (erm, I’ve done that) or sending a patient without IV-access, or a hysterical patient without some happy medicine. Or like people who want to evaluate anContinue reading “When doin’ it wrong is fatal”

So Radiology Is Kinda Cool?

This week I am on a short radiology rotation. A lot of people really want me to declare Radiology as a specialisation. The income is ridiculously good compared to the workload and working conditions – even in public South African health care. With the growth of telehealth in South Africa, there are even excellent opportunitiesContinue reading “So Radiology Is Kinda Cool?”