Ten MORE Books in Healthcare (fiction and non-fiction)


Reading! I’m getting too little of that done these days. Twenty days into the new year and I haven’t finished a book yet. I’ve made some recommendations of books for people in the health sciences to read, here and here, so today I add another list of great books relating to healthcare – for healthcare students, professionals or enthusiasts. (It’s Freebie Week with Top Ten Tuesday, which is a great gift as it is my birthday week!)

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Top Ten Books I Read in 2014


With TTT and The Broke and the Bookish this week we do a roundup of our favourite reads of the year. Obviously this is really hard, but I’ll try. The links are to my reviews, unless I haven’t written a review, in which case they refer to the GoodReads page.

Three Daughters by Consuelo Saah Baehr – It pushed all the right buttons. I loved it, and it might be the most unexpected favourite of my entire year.

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Book Review: Three Daughters


From the fertile hills of a tiny village near Jerusalem to the elegant townhouses of Georgetown, Three Daughters is a historical saga that chronicles the lives, loves, and secrets of three generations of Palestinian Christian women.

Three Daughters chronicles the lives of Miriam, Nadia and Nijmeh – three generations of daughters, wives and mothers. Although distinct personalities with their own secrets, their lives are finely connected not only by blood but by culture and the fine threads of society.

Each woman, in her own time and in her own way, experiences a world in transition through war and social change…and each must stretch the bounds of her loyalty, her courage, and her heart.

It seems I’ve been on a fantastic streak of finding and reading great historical fiction.¬†Three Daughters¬†is a reprint of Consuelo Saah Baehr’s Daughters of 1988. Continue reading