Implanon in the Bible. Apparently.

ME: I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve had a complete miscarriage.

HER: Oh. Okay.

ME: Was this a planned pregnancy?

HER: No! It was an accident.

ME: Are you planning a pregnancy in the near future?

HER: Not really. I have one already. I can’t afford another baby.

ME: Then I think we should discuss family planning.

HER: *blank*

ME: Prevention.

HER: Oh. Yes.

ME: Even though you don’t want any future children, we don’t recommend tying your tubes at such a young age. The Copper T is always a good idea, but have you heard of Implanon?

HER: I don’t know.

ME: Implanon is a little stick, like a matchstick, that we put in your arm-

HER: Oh yes. I’ve heard of that.

ME: Good. It lasts for three years. It’s not too long but it gives you enough time-

HER: No. No I don’t want that.

ME: Is there a reason? It won’t hurt you and the side-effects are a lot fewer than the injections you’ve been getting.

HER: Implanon is not for me.

ME: You’re absolutely allowed your choice but can you share why you think it’s not for you?

HER: You know.

ME: I don’t.

HER: It’s like they say in the Bible.

ME: *blank*

HER: It’s the mark. The one at the end of days.

ME: Implanon is the mark of the beast?!


The worst is that after some prodding, she said that a nurse at her local clinic was telling women this. I wish I could say she was the only patient who told us that, but no… it was quite a common belief.


Harry Potter And The “Occult”: How Reading Was Almost Ruined For Me

Last week I wrote about how much the Harry Potter books meant to me as a young reader – and to some degree, still does – but this week I’d like to write about how this lovely part of my childhood was placed in jeopardy.

As is wont to happen, there are groups of society who easily condemn anything that is popular as evil. I attended a conservative primary school, which was very vocal about its ideas of right and wrong. They declared things to be “evil” with striking regularity.

Heh… couldn’t resist.

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Wait, is that allowed?

So on call in the ED recently, I had an experience that cause me a lot of turmoil. I feel the need to post a warning to this post: it pertains to religion, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I will tolerate no Bible-bashing or ANY kind of bashing in the comments, but fair comment is most welcome (and sought).

So, it was night shift in the Trauma unit and it was insane. It had recently been pay-day, translating directly to loads of drunks, loads of MVAs, and loads of assaults. In addition to the many injuries (e.g. paediatric fractures) that occur during all times of the months.

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Being Culturally Sensitive in One’s Pursuits

I’ve written before about abortion rights and about the dangers of preventing women from exercising reproductive choice: It’s simple – they resort to illegal means.

Despite my belief in offering a choice, articles about Women on Waves‘s latest attempt to enter Morocco, disgusted me. And let me be clear: I’m disgusted by their attempt, not by the government’s refusal to allow them entrance.

This was posted by (one of my favorite sites/projects). Abortion-themed PostSecrets are quite common. Click for more.

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Doctors and Piercings: The Debate

I like piercings and tattoos. To a limit, of course. I could not imagine tattooing my arms from shoulder to sleeve. But that is just me. I am not about to make any judgments about you if you do.

If someone used unsterile needles or lead paint, or took poor care of the raw piercing however… I might be pissed. Juuuust a little.

Anyway, my two piercings in both ears and bellybutton piercing were done with good forethought and with great care. I like them, although I forget they are there most times.

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