Sort-Of Hiatus

I am leaving today to a rural hospital where I will be completing five weeks of Family Medicine. I expect to learn a lot, but I also anticipate little to no internet access. I have a some posts scheduled, so I’ll still be sort-of around. I will also be able to update the blog viaContinue reading “Sort-Of Hiatus”

[Guest] Elective Extravaganza: Rural Psychiatry in Kimberley and Lobatse

Kopano N. Mokale has just completed his fourth year of medical school at a South African university. He did his fourth year elective in Rural Psychiatry, something I thought was very brave and super interesting. I trust you will enjoy his story. As always, let me know if you’d like to share your Elective story.Continue reading “[Guest] Elective Extravaganza: Rural Psychiatry in Kimberley and Lobatse”

Not in my Scope of Practice

This past week I was privileged to spend a day at an incredibly rural hospital in the Old Transkei, South Africa, where I hope to complete a rural Family Medicine rotation early next year. I have heard a lot about this groundbreaking hospital and even wanted to do an elective there, but they are soContinue reading “Not in my Scope of Practice”

Crossed Wires

The following phone call happened to one of the doctors at the acute admissions ward at the hospital where I am currently doing my fourth year elective: REFERRING DOCTOR FROM RURAL CLINIC: I have a ten-year-old patient with meningism to refer. DOCTOR: Alright, can you tell me more? REFERRING DOCTOR: The patient has meningism andContinue reading “Crossed Wires”

Surgery in the Wild

So, here is a little secret about my horrible little third year surgery experience: I never got to assist. I never got to cut. I never got to stitch. I think it was a combination of me having a poor attitude, me being too scared to ask, and the registrar being an arse. BUT myContinue reading “Surgery in the Wild”