TTT: Pick-Me-Ups

I am home! I have important exams coming up, so will get back into the swing of blogging (and talking more about Semester at Sea) E-VEN-TUALLY… for now, it’s time for a Top Ten Tuesday. I loved looking for (and in most cases, finding) bookshops in all the countries – and books were my splurge-itemsContinue reading “TTT: Pick-Me-Ups”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Two photo posts in a row! This week’s photo challenge with The Daily Post is about culture. YAY! I have seen a LOT of that these past four months. The most beautiful thing about culture and travel is not just learning to celebrate differences… but learning to appreciate what makes us the same. There wasContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This week’s photo challenge (which expires soon!) with The Daily Post is titled “Up”. [Let the record state that I love that movie.] I have been sailing around the world for 106 days. Today we disembarked the ship. I feel that in these 106 days, I have looked to the sky more often than not.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up”

Ten Things about Ghana

Five days in Ghana have come and gone. Now we are off to Morocco, and this voyage is drawing quickly to a close. Here are some memorable things about Ghana. 1. Warm people: It is incredible to see such big smiles. When hearing that I am from South Africa, I was invariably greeted with aContinue reading “Ten Things about Ghana”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sailing to the Future

This week’s weekly photo challenge with The Daily Post looks to the future. In my immediate future is touching on home base! In fact, right now we are sailing past the East Coast of South Africa, and just a few hours I was giddily staring at the lights of Durban’s coastline. I even have cellContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sailing to the Future”

Give and Take

While reflecting on our time in India, some students are disappointed: they feel swindled and taken advantage of, the supposedly-wealthy tourists who are really just struggling students (and who are, mind you, sailing around the world). Unable to hold my tongue, I say that it is not the locals’ responsibility to bargain with us. ItContinue reading “Give and Take”

Soundtrack for a Week in India

The Daily Post’s prompt today is to put together a soundtrack of five songs to explain the past week. I’ve had an amazing day and I’m far too excited to sleep so I figured this was a worthwhile pursuit. Jai Ho by Sukhvinder Sing et al – because we have been in INDIA this week!Continue reading “Soundtrack for a Week in India”