Birthdays at Sea

It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 23, which makes me one of the oldest undergraduate students on the ship. Another (perk? downside?) to doing a six-year course. Every day at sea, they announce the day’s birthdays during the afternoon announcements. There were two of us yesterday (or the day before? I don’t know whichContinue reading “Birthdays at Sea”

Ten (mostly good) Things About Hilo

15 and 16 January we docked in Hilo, Hawai’i. After FINALLY clearing customs and finding our way off the ship, Hilo was ours to explore for 48 hours. I don’t know what I expected of Hilo, but it definitely did exceed my expectations! Here are some (mostly good) things about Hilo. 1. The Hele-on bus:Continue reading “Ten (mostly good) Things About Hilo”

Conversations on Board

ME: Hi, I’m M, I’m a fifth-year medical student from South Africa- HIM/HER: So that’s like a Public Health Major? ME: Not quite, I do an MB.ChB. which is a Bachelor’s of Medicine and a Bachelor’s of Surgery- HIM/HER: So you’re pre-med? ME: No… I a medical student. We do Medicine as a six yearContinue reading “Conversations on Board”

A Tired, Anxious, Excited Post

It’s amazing how few places offer free wifi. But San Francisco does, and I’m super glad! One of my (sponsored, not self-paid) tickets is First Class. It’s a first for me (see what I did there) and it’s pretty cool. I’m so full on good food that I don’t have much else to do duringContinue reading “A Tired, Anxious, Excited Post”

I was in the paper

Taking a quick break from last minute packing and working on school projects to share this: I was in the paper! 4 January 2013, in the Daily Dispatch. The image is a little blurry, so you could read the text here. This made me kind of happy. P.S: So. Exhausted. So. Much. To. Do. P.P.S:Continue reading “I was in the paper”

Things my PPD taught me

When I submitted my medical clearance form for SAS awhile ago, I was informed that I needed to provide the results of a recent PPD test. Obviously, on a ship with 600 students, as well as a fair amount of academic personnel and their families, one can’t risk having active TB going around. A PPDContinue reading “Things my PPD taught me”

A Grand Adventure: SAS Competition Entry

*This post serves as my entry to As We Travel’s competition in conjunction with, who is giving away £1,000 to one lucky frugal traveler! The entry must explain our destination and what we would do to stretch said money as far as possible. If you’re new to this blog, I have been given the amazingContinue reading “A Grand Adventure: SAS Competition Entry”