Should Doctors Be Allowed To Nap On The Job? (Response)

I honestly cannot understand how this is even a question anymore. It’s a DUMB QUESTION. Here’s a question we should be asking: Should Doctors Be Allowed To Work Shifts Longer Than Eighteen Hours Without A Break? Debate THAT, self-righteous online world.

Humane Hours for Junior Doctors is a Matter of National Importance

There is a petition on for better working hours for junior doctors in South Africa. Despite the fact that there are far more than 1 000 doctors in South Africa, only 831 people have signed it so far. Because I got some interesting responses to previous posts about working conditions, a quick low-down on the status-quo:Continue reading “Humane Hours for Junior Doctors is a Matter of National Importance”

Organ Donation, Unwinding and the Black Market

Organ donation is becoming more and more of an issue. It should have been a huge issue ages ago. Nazirah wrote a great post about it here. I recently read Unwind by Neal Shusterman. You need to read it. It is a warped and really freaky story. The fictional concept of unwinding is the process of donatingContinue reading “Organ Donation, Unwinding and the Black Market”

To do or not to do

On our campus there is a fair amount of animosity between those who are involved in non-academic activities (such as community interaction and student government) and those who are not. Those who are involved feel that the others miss out on personal growth and, quite frankly, are doing humanity a disservice. “The others” feel thatContinue reading “To do or not to do”

First Years Spread HOPE

Our university has started to rethink our way of welcoming first year students, in such a way as to promote the HOPE project. The HOPE project focuses on three pillars: Academic Excellence Research Community Interaction It is the latter that has been revolutionary: for universities to accept responsibility in the community is less obvious thanContinue reading “First Years Spread HOPE”

So what did you do for Mandela Day?

Tata Madiba turns 93 years old today. In honour of the many years he spent in service of South Africa and in fact all of humanity, 18 July is “Mandela Monday”. Citizens are asked to spend 67 minutes in service of their community – one minute for every year that Nelson Mandela worked for freedom,Continue reading “So what did you do for Mandela Day?”