My Advice for Your ComServe Application

It’s almost time for the asynchronous community service applications in SA, and shortly thereafter the regular applications will begin. So I thought I’d take a break from dispensing medicine, and dispense a tip I could have used: Apply somewhere that is going to challenge you. Apply somewhere that you will be expected to work withContinue reading “My Advice for Your ComServe Application”

General Practice is not exciting, but it is fulfilling

The best thing I can do for an “exciting” patient is recognise their condition and keep them alive until transfer. Give me patients that don’t need hospital admission and I can make them feel better now, and try to affect at least one health-related decision about their future.

The Good and the Bad of Paediatrics

The Paediatric rotation is over, for now. I enjoyed it even more than last year, and I’m becoming more and more certain that I will try to get into a Paeds program for specialisation on day. Some things that stand out: (you’ll notice that few of them are exclusively good or exclusively bad)

Define: Specialist

At Cape Town Book Fair I attended a forum discussion on making knowledge and research results more accessible to students and the general public, breaking down the “Ivory Tower” so to speak. Remember how often I’ve written about that annoying research jargon? Yep! The panel chairperson was journalist Karabo Kgoleng. This graphic is inspired byContinue reading “Define: Specialist”

So Radiology Is Kinda Cool?

This week I am on a short radiology rotation. A lot of people really want me to declare Radiology as a specialisation. The income is ridiculously good compared to the workload and working conditions – even in public South African health care. With the growth of telehealth in South Africa, there are even excellent opportunitiesContinue reading “So Radiology Is Kinda Cool?”

Weekly Whine: Med School Comptetition

If you look around this blog, you’ll notice that I consider myself to be an average medical student (when it comes to academics, in anyway). Clearly, that wasn’t always the case. To gain entrance to this course, students must have exceptional academic and non-academic merit.