Teaching People To Walk Better

This past week, Stellenbosch University has been celebrating the successes of the Hope Project (about which I have written before). In two years, the SU has made leaps and bounds of improvements in the fields of healthcare, legal aid, agriculture and science. For more on all that, you can check out these two sites orContinue reading “Teaching People To Walk Better”

What Would You Have Been?

Last week, the fifth years had their last ever day of class. For the next eighteen months, until they graduate, they will only be doing clinical rotations. It is a longstanding tradition here for fifth years to dress up on their last day of class and ambush all the other classes. The general theme isContinue reading “What Would You Have Been?”

First Years Spread HOPE

Our university has started to rethink our way of welcoming first year students, in such a way as to promote the HOPE project. The HOPE project focuses on three pillars: Academic Excellence Research Community Interaction It is the latter that has been revolutionary: for universities to accept responsibility in the community is less obvious thanContinue reading “First Years Spread HOPE”

Lessons for Medical School

Today, hordes of brand new First Years arrive on our campus. Wild-eyed and bushy-tailed, I wonder if they hear the seniors murmuring, “Run now, while you still can.” It was not too long ago that I was there… three years ago, I was a scared little kid, stepping into a world where the maturing processContinue reading “Lessons for Medical School”

China Part II: Scenic Learning

The overall reason for our trip to China was a liaison-opportunity with Hunan University. We had the opportunity to explore the university grounds and to interact with the students. Having experienced Stellenbosch Main Campus – a beautiful campus – it was a pleasant surprise to explore an equally beautiful (albeit differently so) campus.

China Part 1: Awestruck in Zhangjiajie

Part of my trip to China in September included a three day trip to Zhangjiajie, a World Heritage Site and the first National Park of China. Certain scenes of the movie Avatar were shot there (I have never watched the movie, and now that I have seen the real-life place I am afraid the movie willContinue reading “China Part 1: Awestruck in Zhangjiajie”

I am still here

I know I have been awfully quiet, but I have a good excuse, I promise… I was in CHINA! It was awesome. Eight students from my university went to liaise with students from Hunan University. Unfortunately I now need to study for Haematology on Friday, so I will only be able to give adequate feedbackContinue reading “I am still here”