Mental Health Begins With Medical Students

Every few months, the mental health of doctors/medical students makes it to popular media. It seems like these spikes in attention occur, and everyone shouts YOU SHOULD CARE FOR YOUR DOCTORS! and then we write blogs and we tweet and we make youtube videos and eventually we go back to work, and nothing has changed.

I think we are the missing link. And by “we”, I mean qualified doctors. And also, you, the older doctors. Continue reading “Mental Health Begins With Medical Students”


When College Kinda Sucks

Before I left high school, I compiled a book with letters and notes from friends and teachers. I still own this book, and it has served its job in reminiscing and inspiration many times. But one thing that still guts me a little is that so many messages from teachers proclaim, “You are going to LOVE university!” and well… it just wasn’t as awesome as they promised it would be.

Of course, I don’t BLAME them. How were they to know?

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I’m an early-adopter and this is a rant

There’s a story I tell hopefuls wishing to run for student government. Near the end of 2011 I was elected as chairperson of my med school’s student government. I had made big promises  during my campaign and so the first thing I did was (try to) get a meeting with the CEO of our training hospital. Of course, I was told by the gatekeeper’s that a puny little med student can’t just get a meeting with the big important man so instead I had to meet with a faculty member and tell her why I wanted to meet with the CEO and she would decide if I was worthy.  (RED TAPE! WOO-HOO!)

One of my big points was safety of students in hospital. I said we wanted radical changes made that would ensure better safety for students at all hours of the day. I thought it laughable that such a massive hospital in a dangerous part of the city had so few safety measures. But this was not deemed important enough. More insultingly, the faculty member did not accept it as a valid point at all. The response, and I quote this verbatim (I still have the minutes of that awful meeting) was, “We have never had any complaints about this, so we will not be putting such measures in place.” Continue reading “I’m an early-adopter and this is a rant”

A Gift for Sending People to Sleep

This is week 2 of our theoretical Anaesthesia block. I’ll admit I haven’t been attending much class.

One reason is that I had a bad run-in with an Anaesthesia professor when dealing with student government business. And the other is that I’m really tired.

But mostly, it’s that when I attend class I fall asleep. Ironic, no?

The work is REALLY difficult, no matter what nonsense people spew about anaesthetists.  But it is rather boring. I’m having a really bad attitude regarding this, which is terrible. That’s why I forced myself to sit down and study and managed to finish a seventh of the work. If I carry on like this I’ll have an additional day to consolidate before my test.

It’s actually thanks to Mom that I had the energy to do ABC (Apply Bum to Chair).

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Protesting on campus

Tygerberg Campus is not the most politically active campus in South Africa.

Earlier this year, the student council organised something called “courageous conversations” in order to address concerns about homophobia on campus [courageous conversations can address any issues, though]. The audience consisted almost solely of the student council and the media.

This campus is one of the only university campuses in South Africa where the election of student government is not influenced by national politics; where a candidate’s political views will not affect the elections.

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