A Moment: The Nurse and the Med Student

She was a professional nurse at our hospital, not much older than me, and with no time during shift-work to see her private gynaecologist, she made the scary decision to come to the hospital’s gynae-clinic (scary because she would most certainly be seen first by an inept medical student before seeing the specialist).

Four Years Later: A Metamorphosis

Today this blog turns four years old. Technically a few minutes to midnight yesterday, but it’s much of a muchness really. Four years ago I wrote about practising speculum exams on sim-dolls in the skills lab. I was so embarrassed to do a bimanual examination on a doll in front of my male classmates. Everything wasContinue reading “Four Years Later: A Metamorphosis”

Tips for New Student Interns: Part 3 – Be Well

One last weekend before the new class of Student Interns join us, and one last weekend of my tiny little holiday. If you’ve missed it, I’ve written about working with junior/seniors and also about study methods. Today, something I know makes a lot of people roll their eyes: wellness. I was told I would outgrowContinue reading “Tips for New Student Interns: Part 3 – Be Well”

Tips for New Student Interns: Part 2 – On Studying

Exactly a year ago, I started Student Internship. Now, we are getting ready to welcome the new bunch as we prepare to take our leave from medical school – soon, soon. That first week of SI was so exhausting. I found myself studying for hours and still feeling useless. One year later, and I’ve becomeContinue reading “Tips for New Student Interns: Part 2 – On Studying”

Tips for New Student Interns: Part 1

Tomorrow exactly a year ago (5 August) I wrote this post. I was a brand-spanking-new Student Intern (SI) and as a year group, we were excited and scared as heck. Now I am on a weeklong break (my first since December) and in just a short week, the new SIs will be joining us. I’llContinue reading “Tips for New Student Interns: Part 1”

Presenting a Patient: Lessons from Alice in Wonderland

It is my last week of Internal Medicine, which means several tests, portfolios, and an OSCE. Gotta admit, Internal Med has been harder than usual this year, and I was shaking like a leaf before the exam began today. As you can see, I survived. It actually went reasonably well, so now I just haveContinue reading “Presenting a Patient: Lessons from Alice in Wonderland”

36 Hours On-Call: For Reals

My school doesn’t allow students to be on duty for more than 24 hours at a time. The few times that a doctor has expected me to stay beyond 24 hours, I have always pointed out the rule and if they disregarded it, reported it. Because, seriously. But for some reason, we have one weekContinue reading “36 Hours On-Call: For Reals”

[POLL] Internship Applications: Which Factors Do You Consider?

There are fewer than 200 days left to graduation, and my class is beginning the application process for our Internship positions next year. As Interns we will be the most junior of doctors, and to some extent still be considered to be “in training”, BUT we will be graduates earning real money (and with realContinue reading “[POLL] Internship Applications: Which Factors Do You Consider?”