How To Pass Pharmacology (Part 2)

A while ago I shared how flashcards saved my (as yet metaphorical) career. The problem with flashcards – as with any rote-memorisation trick – is the “I studied, I wrote, I passed, I forgot” phenomenon. Because frankly, except for the most common drugs, I really have forgotten most of what I learned two months ago.Continue reading “How To Pass Pharmacology (Part 2)”

How To Pass Pharmacology (Part 1)

This post is in honour of good news received this past Friday: remember those exams I wrote shortly after arriving back in South Africa, and that I surely doubted I would pass? Well, I passed them. I was most nervous about Clinical Pharmacology – reasons being that a) I suck at it and b) IContinue reading “How To Pass Pharmacology (Part 1)”

Hope for the Medical Community

The medical world is small, and like any small community it has its inherent problems. Piss someone important off and you can find doors closed in your face all over the world. Those born into the medical world often seem to have an advantage over the First Generations. Know the right people and you’ve gotContinue reading “Hope for the Medical Community”

Cranial Nerves and Dirty Minds

Cranial Nerves are little buggers. They’re one of those things that you need to study and study and study and repeat, and then actually have to recall when in a real-life patient situation. (GCS is also on of those things.) Fortunately, there are many mnemonics to remind us of the cranial nerves and their functions.Continue reading “Cranial Nerves and Dirty Minds”

Rant: Security in South African Hospitals

So now that it’s reached the media, I can write about an unfortunate incident without the threat of being considered a traitor. One of our students was assaulted in the hospital on Saturday morning. A lot of “”big people” are trying to call it “attempted assault”. I say nonsense.

Snow White’s X-Ray Phenomena

Radiology tutorials make me sleepy. I don’t find them boring, strangely… they just send me straight into narcoleptic episodes. But this one was fun: Basically, neonatal X-rays (yes, they do periodically expose those little things to X-rays) can be divided into different presentations. Grainy, Streaky, Blacky, Fluffy, Hazy, Bubbly and Dotty. And of course, SnowContinue reading “Snow White’s X-Ray Phenomena”

Cool Medical Students of History: Paul Langerhans

This is a Langerhans cell. Langerhans cells are dendritic cells found in the epidermis (that is, the uppermost layer of the skin) and should not be confused with the Islets of Langerhans found in the Pancreas – and incidentally named after the same person. Langerhans cells are antigen-presenting cells – in other words, they formContinue reading “Cool Medical Students of History: Paul Langerhans”

Ode to a Great GP

Med School is tough. It makes you feel like an idiot. The consultants don’t help much. They seem to forget that we are here to learn first, and only later to be examined. So for Family Medicine, I expected to be supervised by a specialist family physician. Instead, we were one of the few groupsContinue reading “Ode to a Great GP”

First Psych Consult

At a recent community volunteer clinic, I had my first proper psych patient. I have dealt before with suicide attempts, but those were unconscious patients in casualty and thus did not present the opportunity for a consultation. This patient came for help herself – something I though was a good sign. Her affect was bluntedContinue reading “First Psych Consult”