Tips For New Doctors: Things To Do During Your Last Summer Before Internship

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of finding out that I had passed my final year of med school; and on Friday a new group of young doctors was born. I’m so excited to welcome them as my colleagues!


As I write this, I’m sure that most of them are in a deep slumber trying to catch up on all the sleep they missed out on this year. I am jealously thinking about the summer holiday they have ahead of them, so I made a list of things I think one should do before starting your first official job as a doctor.


If you don’t sleep a lot during your last big holiday I might actually disown you.

2. Do what you’ve been dreaming of all year

In my case it was spending the festive season with my family; for others, it was traveling. DO IT NOW. You deserve it.

3. Declutter

Chances are you’ll be moving into a new place – maybe even a new city! Instead of chucking everything your own into boxes, spend some time going through the detritus of your life and getting rid of things you don’t need or don’t use. Haven’t worn that all year? Chuck it. It’s the age of minimalism – dust is gross and moving companies are expensive. If it’s old and gross throw it away; if someone might still use it, donate it to a charity shop.

Some awesome articles here – click for source.

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Green Landscapes

Linking up with The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for today’s post.

My favourite colour is green. I have never had a picture or a notebook or a set of revision notes without the colour. It breathes life for me, and I am fortunate to live in a country that has it abundantly.

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Six Things I Learned This Summer

Friday I return to Cape Town. Monday I commence my fourth year of medical school. This year holds theory modules of Infectious Diseases, Anaesthesiology, the Skin and more. Some of the clinical rotations will include Forensic Pathology, Dermatology, Internal, Neonatology and Gynaecology.

It promises to be a good year, if I can remain well and perform my chairperson duties successfully.

But I am always sad to leave home. Cape Town is beautiful, but it will never be home if my family is not here.

I have had a lovely six-week summer holiday, with no studying required. It may be six months before I see my family again. Here is what my summer taught me: Continue reading “Six Things I Learned This Summer”

Summer Jobs: A Necessary Evil

While Christmas shopping today I was recognised by some girls from my high school. It means a lot to me because I was kind of a someone in high school – often in the limelight and usually for a good reason – so university has sometimes made me feel small and invisible.

Anyways, the girls were working at a bookstore as a holiday job. They are still in school. I asked a little about school and future plans. [Talented as they are neither are interested in becoming cashiers or saleswomen].


Upon asking till when they were working I was told seven. At first I took this as 7 January, but I then realised they referred to the time of day. They are working till 18 January, the day before Eastern Cape schools open for the new school year.

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