Dear Medical Student: Med School Is Not Worth Your Self-Harm

Dear Medical Student: medical school is worth a lot of things. I can tell you that because I went from hating medical school to loving being a doctor (well, on most days).

But it’s not worth that.

I Lived in a Shipping Container

For the past three years, I have lived in a modified shipping container. So a few years ago a company called TopShell started converting shipping containers into student housing. It is not a completely new concept, but it was pretty novel for South Africa. Now, these containers are butt-ugly from outside! They are this horrible off-green colour that kind of make them look like army barracks. But inside… they are relatively gorgeous.

When College Kinda Sucks

Before I left high school, I compiled a book with letters and notes from friends and teachers. I still own this book, and it has served its job in reminiscing and inspiration many times. But one thing that still guts me a little is that so many messages from teachers proclaim, “You are going toContinue reading “When College Kinda Sucks”

Book Review: Roomies

One of the good things about attending university away from home is the opportunity to live with a roommate. For some, who have never needed to share a space with anyone, it is a valuable learning experience, but even for people who grew up with siblings (like me) having a roommate for at least theContinue reading “Book Review: Roomies”

Tips for Freshmen: Have Fun!

One of my first bits of writing for Youth Journalism International back in 2008 was for their annual back-to-school advice feature. Today, they have published a piece of mine for college freshmen. Click the image below to be taken to the article on YJI’s blog.

College, Dorms and Culture

It’s that time of the year… I refer to it as the month our campus has its period. Elections and competitions abound, while exams are around the corner (Southern hemisphere, remember). My favourite part of this month – perhaps my favourite of the entire year – is “Sêr”. Sêr comes from “serenade”, and is basically aContinue reading “College, Dorms and Culture”

Pets in Dorms?

It’s tough leaving home, especially when home and college are far from each other. Despite the prolonged desire for independence, family life is one of the things (along with home-cooked meals) that are missed from an early point. In my case, I seek things that will evoke a semblance of home-life. And one of theseContinue reading “Pets in Dorms?”

Barefoot’s Tips for Prospective Freshmen

Since it’s Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ve been reading a lot of kids’ posts about college. It’s an exciting time, but obviously with some trepidation. I remember how nervous I was. So because I am procrastinating studying have nothing better to do, I’ll be sharing some tips for dorm life – or as we sayContinue reading “Barefoot’s Tips for Prospective Freshmen”