Collectibles For Your Trip Around The World

A very clear memory for me about SAS was the weight of cost during all the excitement of seeing the world. It was a monumental effort to go on SAS at all, and I wanted to walk away with something tangible I could remember, but that wouldn’t leave me broke. As people wiser than me often remind me: it’s the experiences you bring home that matter most.

I Lived in a Shipping Container

For the past three years, I have lived in a modified shipping container. So a few years ago a company called TopShell started converting shipping containers into student housing. It is not a completely new concept, but it was pretty novel for South Africa. Now, these containers are butt-ugly from outside! They are this horrible off-green colour that kind of make them look like army barracks. But inside… they are relatively gorgeous.

Which Med School Should You Choose?

I’ve been getting many questions from South African students about which medical school they should choose and which is the best, so instead of trying to remember what I said every time, I figured I’d write a general post about my thoughts.

Here’s a disclaimer though: I applied to only one medical school (long story) so I didn’t have the problem of needing to choose. So feel free to take my opinion with a pinch of salt (as you should with this whole entire blog, actually :P).

Elective Extravaganza! Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine, Cape Town

It’s alive! (This feature, that is.) Today I chat to Inutti McApple (nickname) about her fifth year elective in Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine, which I know next to nothing about. Inutti is now a final year student at Stellenbosch University and set to start internship in January! I’ll give the rest over to her.

When College Kinda Sucks

Before I left high school, I compiled a book with letters and notes from friends and teachers. I still own this book, and it has served its job in reminiscing and inspiration many times. But one thing that still guts me a little is that so many messages from teachers proclaim, “You are going toContinue reading “When College Kinda Sucks”

The Travelbug’s Medicine Bag

This post brought to you by wanderlust, a current severe bout of flu-slash-strep-throat-slash-gastro picked up in the Paeds ward (I washed my hands all the time I swear), and a day of reminiscing over Semester at Sea photos. I would say I packed pretty well for my four-month-long around-the-world voyage (and my previous trips abroadContinue reading “The Travelbug’s Medicine Bag”

Tips for New Student Interns: Part 3 – Be Well

One last weekend before the new class of Student Interns join us, and one last weekend of my tiny little holiday. If you’ve missed it, I’ve written about working with junior/seniors and also about study methods. Today, something I know makes a lot of people roll their eyes: wellness. I was told I would outgrowContinue reading “Tips for New Student Interns: Part 3 – Be Well”

Tips for New Student Interns: Part 2 – On Studying

Exactly a year ago, I started Student Internship. Now, we are getting ready to welcome the new bunch as we prepare to take our leave from medical school – soon, soon. That first week of SI was so exhausting. I found myself studying for hours and still feeling useless. One year later, and I’ve becomeContinue reading “Tips for New Student Interns: Part 2 – On Studying”