How to use an Ophthalmoscope

Two weeks ago I asked for tips using a direct ophthalmoscope and since then, I have come to learn that the two most ubiquitous tips in this regard are a) practice makes perfect; and b) ophthalmoscopy is hard. Both of these are true, and thank you if you gave me those tips, because they madeContinue reading “How to use an Ophthalmoscope”

How To Pass Pharmacology (Part 2)

A while ago I shared how flashcards saved my (as yet metaphorical) career. The problem with flashcards – as with any rote-memorisation trick – is the “I studied, I wrote, I passed, I forgot” phenomenon. Because frankly, except for the most common drugs, I really have forgotten most of what I learned two months ago.Continue reading “How To Pass Pharmacology (Part 2)”

Ten Books Prospective Health Students Should Read

Today for Top Ten Tuesday FREEBIE I discuss ten books that I believe everyone hoping to study medicine, nursing, physiotherapy (and so on) should read. Last year I wrote a post about nine things students should do before deciding to study medicine. I also made a list of books for fans of medicine. This newContinue reading “Ten Books Prospective Health Students Should Read”

How To Pass Pharmacology (Part 1)

This post is in honour of good news received this past Friday: remember those exams I wrote shortly after arriving back in South Africa, and that I surely doubted I would pass? Well, I passed them. I was most nervous about Clinical Pharmacology – reasons being that a) I suck at it and b) IContinue reading “How To Pass Pharmacology (Part 1)”

Med School Acceptance: The war before the war

By now, most school-leavers in South Africa have settled their plans for next year – that is to say, the majority of kids who will start their first year of MB.ChB. (Bachelor’s of Medicine and Bachelor’s of Surgery) next year, now know – and I’m sure they are very excited (and congrats to all ofContinue reading “Med School Acceptance: The war before the war”

Tips for Freshmen: Have Fun!

One of my first bits of writing for Youth Journalism International back in 2008 was for their annual back-to-school advice feature. Today, they have published a piece of mine for college freshmen. Click the image below to be taken to the article on YJI’s blog.