Singapore’s Healing Garden

On a hot and humid day in Singapore, I visited the Botanical Gardens (entrance free, and beautiful) and found myself in the “Healing Garden”. Presented here are various plants and flowers appreciated for more than their aesthetic worth – plants that have been used for a myriad of complaints and purposes.

The Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam

The river is their use-all depository, but they would never dream of disposing of rice husks here, because that would pollute the water. It is filthy, they know, but clean enough to bathe in. Clean enough for the catch of the day, “elephant-ear fish”, a local delicacy sold for cheap. That is, if you considerContinue reading “The Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam”

Intro to Vietnam

The night before: Vietnam sounds dangerous. I better remove my earrings and be incredibly careful. I’m so scared of this country. First hour on land: This is pretty quiet… These streets are not as scary as they said! Second hour: Why is everything closed! [It’s the Tet Festival and everyone returns to their hometowns.] WhoContinue reading “Intro to Vietnam”

Kon nichi wa, Sayonara, Japan

Japan… Oooooh Japan. Did I think Japan would be like China, because I’ve been to China before and it’s also in Asia? Maybe I did, and that’s a pretty ignorant assumption I made. Lesson learned. It’s been a day since we left Japan and I’m still overwhelmed. I’m not entirely sure how to put intoContinue reading “Kon nichi wa, Sayonara, Japan”

Winter on the Pacific

They don’t tell you this when you plan on doing Semester at Sea, but wintertime in the Pacific Ocean is pretty rough. Right now we’re on the last few hours to Japan, which means we’re traveling in a kind-of Northwards direction. It’s pretty choppy. In my classes today there were so many students absent dueContinue reading “Winter on the Pacific”

Ten (mostly good) Things About Hilo

15 and 16 January we docked in Hilo, Hawai’i. After FINALLY clearing customs and finding our way off the ship, Hilo was ours to explore for 48 hours. I don’t know what I expected of Hilo, but it definitely did exceed my expectations! Here are some (mostly good) things about Hilo. 1. The Hele-on bus:Continue reading “Ten (mostly good) Things About Hilo”

A Tired, Anxious, Excited Post

It’s amazing how few places offer free wifi. But San Francisco does, and I’m super glad! One of my (sponsored, not self-paid) tickets is First Class. It’s a first for me (see what I did there) and it’s pretty cool. I’m so full on good food that I don’t have much else to do duringContinue reading “A Tired, Anxious, Excited Post”

I was in the paper

Taking a quick break from last minute packing and working on school projects to share this: I was in the paper! 4 January 2013, in the Daily Dispatch. The image is a little blurry, so you could read the text here. This made me kind of happy. P.S: So. Exhausted. So. Much. To. Do. P.P.S:Continue reading “I was in the paper”