Rant: Security in South African Hospitals

So now that it’s reached the media, I can write about an unfortunate incident without the threat of being considered a traitor. One of our students was assaulted in the hospital on Saturday morning. A lot of “”big people” are trying to call it “attempted assault”. I say nonsense.

Lessons for Medical School

Today, hordes of brand new First Years arrive on our campus. Wild-eyed and bushy-tailed, I wonder if they hear the seniors murmuring, “Run now, while you still can.” It was not too long ago that I was there… three years ago, I was a scared little kid, stepping into a world where the maturing processContinue reading “Lessons for Medical School”

When the Battlefield visits Hospital

My country has rogue soldiers and they live on the streets. They are young boys – boy soldiers. Child soldiers. They fight a fight started by politicians, historians, money. Not a fight started by themselves. Not a fight they entered voluntarily. My country has rogue soldiers and their war is on our doorstep.

Surgery Woes

The day you start Med School, everyone tells you that it is nothing like Grey’s Anatomy. And when, two years later, you are finally unleashed upon the poor unsuspecting state patients, you realise: it’s exactly like Grey’s. Except, funnily enough…  in surgery. I finally made it to my third year abdominal surgery rotation. It isContinue reading “Surgery Woes”

Rural Gems of the Western Cape

I don’t think I ever officially announced it here: my campaign for TSR chairperson 2011/2012 was successful. Yay! Anyway, it was the new TSR’s team building and planning camp this past weekend. We went to a farm near Greyton, a tiny village in the Overberg region.