Why Formative And Transformative Learning Are Not Wastes Of Time

I have been meaning to write this post for some time, I just did not know how to word it. I still don’t, really. On this blog I have often ranted about people who think that medicine is simply medicine. Because it is not. Medicine is so much more than just the science, the anatomy, theContinue reading “Why Formative And Transformative Learning Are Not Wastes Of Time”

Hope for the Medical Community

The medical world is small, and like any small community it has its inherent problems. Piss someone important off and you can find doors closed in your face all over the world. Those born into the medical world often seem to have an advantage over the First Generations. Know the right people and you’ve gotContinue reading “Hope for the Medical Community”

Look how far we’ve come

Just under a year ago, I posted about my friends, then fifth years, who had had their last day of class. Today, it’s our turn. As fate would have it, I am in South Africa for this important celebration. From here on out, we shall have clinical rotations and exams, but no more theory classesContinue reading “Look how far we’ve come”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sailing to the Future

This week’s weekly photo challenge with The Daily Post looks to the future. In my immediate future is touching on home base! In fact, right now we are sailing past the East Coast of South Africa, and just a few hours I was giddily staring at the lights of Durban’s coastline. I even have cellContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sailing to the Future”

Give and Take

While reflecting on our time in India, some students are disappointed: they feel swindled and taken advantage of, the supposedly-wealthy tourists who are really just struggling students (and who are, mind you, sailing around the world). Unable to hold my tongue, I say that it is not the locals’ responsibility to bargain with us. ItContinue reading “Give and Take”

In honour of the newbies

Today, my little sister moves into her new residence for her first university year. Our parents will be helping with the move, and I know it will be a difficult day for them all. I wish I was there to help. I remember so clearly how hard the goodbyes were when I first came toContinue reading “In honour of the newbies”

Med School Acceptance: The war before the war

By now, most school-leavers in South Africa have settled their plans for next year – that is to say, the majority of kids who will start their first year of MB.ChB. (Bachelor’s of Medicine and Bachelor’s of Surgery) next year, now know – and I’m sure they are very excited (and congrats to all ofContinue reading “Med School Acceptance: The war before the war”

A week in a township hospital

Remember how my elective in Kolkata completely bummed out? It was then organised that I do my elective at a public hospital complex in my home town. The hospital I have been at this week is situated in a large township. I won’t lie – I was particularly worried. It is very scary adjusting toContinue reading “A week in a township hospital”

War Stories: OSCEs

Did I ever tell you about the paediatric OSCE that went horribly wrong? I think I might have alluded to it once or twice. The Paeds Rotation is possibly the scariest rotation at our school – stories abound of students who passed their final year rotations with honours, but had to repeat Paediatrics. So weContinue reading “War Stories: OSCEs”