The ABCs of Me

Gerry’s Space has nominated “everyone who enjoys this world of blogs” for the ABC (Awesome Blog) Content Award.

1. Share something about yourself using each letter of the alphabet

2. Pay the award forward to however many

So without further ado:

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China Part 1: Awestruck in Zhangjiajie

Part of my trip to China in September included a three day trip to Zhangjiajie, a World Heritage Site and the first National Park of China. Certain scenes of the movie Avatar were shot there (I have never watched the movie, and now that I have seen the real-life place I am afraid the movie will bore me).

Stop 1: Huanglong Cave

Immense – covers an area of 48 hectares and up to 15 kilometers in length. There is a river that runs through the cave and the stalagmites are another level of beauty. Probably the one thing that bothered me a little was the artificial light in unnatural colours, but the place remains stunning.

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