What Would You Have Been?

Last week, the fifth years had their last ever day of class. For the next eighteen months, until they graduate, they will only be doing clinical rotations.

It is a longstanding tradition here for fifth years to dress up on their last day of class and ambush all the other classes. The general theme is “What would you have been if you weren’t studying medicine?”

I’ve seen a lot of things, from hobos to blue-skinned Avatars.

These are two of my friends who dressed up:

It’s weird to think that in a year’s time, that will be me. I don’t even know what I’ll dress up as. There were many alternatives, to be honest…


  1. This is awesome. Ironically, if I had to dress up like that at my work now (I teach high school English) I’d be dressing up as a doctor!

    1. So funny, and awesome 🙂

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