TTT: Characters of my Heart

People that don’t read often express confusion as to the attraction of the hobby. Why read? Why not be social and have friends?

First-off, bookworms have friends. They do tend to be more picky though, in my experience. But here’s part of the real attraction in books: they introduce you to a wide array of characters you might never have met in real life. Yeah, we know they’re not REALLY real (sort-of), but that doesn’t make their quirks any less enjoyable, or their lessons any less valuable.

So today, in conjunction with The Broke and the Bookish, here are my Top Ten Favourite Characters of all time, in no particular order.

1. Matilda from Matilda (Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake) – the bookish girl with such intelligence that she can move objects with her brain? Yes please! She overcomes her horrid parents and her even more horrid headmistress, she is devious and cunning, and she’s quite the hero too. A nerdy girl with a happy ending? Yes please!

2. Arimoto from The Garden of Evening Mists (Tan Twan Eng) – this gentle Japanese gardener is so wise and wonderful, I just want to adopt him. He also says funny things like, “Your brain is just like a strip of flypaper hanging from the ceiling; every thought, however fleeting and inconsequential, sticks to it.” Read my review for it here.
3. Snowy from TinTin (Herge) – I almost forgot about these books until The Boy and I had a movie marathon one recent rainy weekend. Snowy was a legend, man! The cutest, most clever little dog ever. Just thinking about him makes me miss my doggies back home, sniff. By the way, YJI has a great TinTin review here and I found this awesome TinTin tumblr page here.

4. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) –  Hermione is confident, super intelligent, brave, funny, bossy… not a perfect girl by anybody’s standards, but quite legit. I used to (okay, lies, I still do) get compared to her all the time. Which annoyed me at first, but it’s cool now. Remember this?

5. Pumpkin from Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden) – yeah yeah, the underdog and all that. She’s not the nicest person I guess, but I think she was good underneath it all and just forced into all that nonsense. She was a sweet little thing.

6. The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) – truthfully, for my little-girl life Alice was my favourite and I yearned for her adventures. The Cat annoyed me, he was cryptic and that smile was just creepier than the Queen of Hearts. But he grew on me. I appreciate him now.

7. Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) – I had a huge crush on Atticus when we read this in school. He was an intelligent (do we see a trend here) and compassionate man. And a great lawyer. And a great father! Plus no wife to upset.

8. Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne) – Winnie the Pooh did not really feature in my non-English childhood, so I got acquainted with the characters at a much older age. And Eeyore is adorable.

9. Klara from Heidi (Johanna Spyri) – When my mom was pregnant with my little sister, I tried convincing them to call her Heidi and to rename me as Klara. I’m not sure why I preferred pale Klara while I clearly had a desire for adventure.

10. Rue from The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) – I’m willing to bet just about everyone will have a THG character on their list. Rue was the sweetest, the most gentle, and actually one of the best-developed characters. I cried for her in the book and the movie.

I think this was definitely my favourite (yes, that’s how I spell it) TTT so far. I would have liked to add Scout (Mockingbird), Amelia (Handle With Care), St Clair (Anna) and Pippy Longstocking too, but rules are rules 😉


  1. Love this post!

    Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors of all time. Your list is definitely filled with noble characters. I can remember sitting in my family’s library before I could read and looking through the woodcut illustrations of Winnie the Pooh books from the 70s. Fond memories.

    My cat’s name is Dinah because Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books of all time. 🙂

    Huge affinity for Hermione and J.K. Rowling’s valuable lessons in the Harry Potter series.

  2. Winnie-the-Pooh characters are on a decent amount of lists! My personal favorite is Piglet. He’s so cute and loyal, and I always want to tell him it’s ok and he doesn’t have to be afraid!

    Rue is a great character, too. I’ve actually seen Katniss and Peeta on a lot of lists, so your prediction was correct!

    1. Yep, it was kind of hard to choose which Winnie-the-Pooh character was going to make it onto the list. Piglet induces those maternal instincts in me too 😛
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. just ordered the “garden of evening mist” to meet arimoto. my heart desires it. thank you for introducing me to him. who says that book characters are any less real than people in flesh and blood? they are the voices that live in our minds, they have a life of their own, manifest in a form no less tangible than the body that is but a physical expression of a compromise for all those voices we have to integrate to become one acceptable social being. if allowed to express themselves as single beings, if being placed in their proper, ideal environment (like arimoto might, as i suspect, in yugiri) they develop back into the full character they crave to be, rid of their siamese bonds to multiple twins inside one mind, and can induce you to be wiser, fiercer, more compassionate than you would be had you not known them. you grieve for them if misfortune befalls them. they can play to your most intellectual and your most archaic impulses. they answer your desire. they disregard you if you fail to live up to their standards (everybody owns some books that defy them, that will not be conquered).
    thank you for your excellent blog, i read it every day like the daily paper:)

  4. You have a great list here! Gale & Katniss made my list, but I also loved Rue as well. But, I didn’t think that she was developed enough in the movie. The book was great and made me cry but the movie didn’t really make me develop any feelings for Katniss & Rue. ;l Hermione Granger is also lovely. Great post, and you have a new follower as well! Would love it if you could check mine out: My TTT.

  5. Umm ok this is hilarious/freaky because I did the EXACT same thing as you when my mom was pregnant with my little sis. Ok almost exact thing. I wanted to be “Klara” and my sister … ok, well I insisted her name should be “Guy Smiley” — yes of the muppets. I had a crush on him. I dont know … I think I thought he had nice teeth.

    But back to the Klara thing. I’m wondering if it has something to do with a sort of mild case of feeling left out with the new baby coming and wanting to be cared for by my mom? Because like you I was always running around outside like a Heidi, so the Klara thing sort of surprised everyone.

    Haha, such a funny coincidence!

    New follower BTW

    1. Wow that’s quite a creepy coincidence! I think you’re right. I remember when my mom was further in her pregnancy she couldn’t carry me like she used to, and that made me a little sad. I was thrilled at having a little sister/brother (if it was a boy, I wanted them to call him Dolphin…), but perhaps I was subconsciously feeling a little left out or afraid.
      Thanks for visiting!

  6. 🙂 I agree with so many of your characters. When I think of Rue, I remember her fondly. I will always enjoy that Herminone quote!

  7. Yay for Atticus indeed! I must admit … I struggeled about adding Matilda, as I think her strength and courage in the face of so much negativity is inspiring, so I’m glad she found some love on your list 🙂
    I’m really intrigued by your review of the Garden of Evening Mists… guess what’s been added to the TBR pile.

    1. That’s funny, I just said (in the previous response to a comment) that I need to name my future pets intelligent names like that 😛 He is a really likable male character…
      Thanks for visiting!

  8. Seeing Rue on your list. Wow, I cried when reading about her in the book …

    Lots of great characters here. I like the additions of Eeyore and Cheshire Cat. There is something about those characters that really resonates past childhood, isn’t there?

  9. I agree with you on Matilda. The others I don’t know or don’t really care that much about, esp. Pumpkin. Never liked her…:(.

  10. I love Atticus Finch. I’m about halfway through the book and need to finish it. The Chesire cat? LOL — yeah, he’s an awesome character. 😀

  11. i think the person i really miss the most from Harry Potter is Hermione Oh i am such a geek i guess lol Thanks for dropping by to my blog =)

  12. Great list here:-) I agree with Matilda, Hermione and winnie the pooh…I don`t know all of these books… but thanks for dropping by to my blog. Have a nice evening.

  13. Wonderful and distinctive choices on your list! I absolutely adore Eeyore as well, always the grumbly underdog. The underdogs seem to be a a bit of a theme on your list? I have to say, the Chesire Cat creeped me out when I was a child (but that’s probably due more to the film!). Maybe I will have to give him another chance!

  14. I love your choices! Hermione is on my list, as well… I have also been compared to her from time to time. I also chose Matilda… Got to love the nerdy girls.

  15. Yeah, we know they’re not REALLY real (sort-of), but that doesn’t make their quirks any less enjoyable, or their lessons any less valuable.

  16. I felt like a child again, reading your list – such a happy feeling! I really must re-read Matilda; I only read that one once I think, so I don’t really remember it. And I totally agree with you about Rue. The book would have been so flat without her.

  17. I love anything and everything Harry Potter even though I didn’t add them to my list(s). I like Harry and Snape and Luna Lovegood the most.

  18. I have been kicking myself all day for not thinking of Matilda when I was putting my list together. When I was younger, I really related to her and still think she is a wonderful character.

  19. I love this list! Eeyore is my favourite Winnie the Pooh character too, he really is adorable! Rue was such a great character too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. I got the comparison to Hermione Granger a lot also. And they always meant as a compliment. But I could never get over the fact that she has buck front teeth and is miss bossy pants. Not someone I wanted to be even I kind of acted similar to her. And Matilda and the Cheshire Cat. Awesome! Great list!

    Thanks for visiting my Top Ten.

  21. We both love Atticus. Such an admirable character. Wish we had more Atticuses here in our world!

  22. The Cheshire cat is great! It’s funny, I haven’t read all these books, and of the ones I’ve read, I don’t remember some of the characters (okay, now I remember Pumpkin). Atticus Finch is definitely one of a kind!

  23. Yay for Matilda and Hermione indeed! Hehe, personally, I always loved being a Heidi, but I can understand the Klara love as well. =)

  24. OMG SNOWYYYYYY! Tin Tin is one of my fondest childhood memories and I love that you put him on there! I wanted a dog just like him when I was little. Or still do. One of the two.

    I am loving your list – so original! Matilda is the perfect little bookish girl to look up to: smart and strong all on her own.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Ashley Loves Books | Giveaway

  25. Awesome list! To Kill a Mocking Bird is one fantastic book!!! Oh, and I love Eeyore!!! 😀 I always liked Klara too. Oh gosh, and Rue… *sniff*

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!! 🙂

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Eeyore and Rue — two characters I wouldn’t have thought to include. But that’s fantastic!

  27. Out of these books I have read Harry Potter and The Hunger Games 😉 Loved those. But the rest of the books sounds awesome, as well 😀 Great list 😉
    Thank you for commenting on my Top Ten. ❤
    Love, Carina @ Carina’s Books

  28. These are all fantastic characters! I love that Matilda is first on your list. She was a favorite of mine as a kid too. Great list! And thanks for stopping by 🙂

  29. Hunger Games and Harry Potter are the only books I’ve read on your list. 😦 But thankfully I am familiar with some others through hearing about them or seeing them on television or the movies. 🙂

    Its a shame that I haven’t read Alice and To Kill A Mockingbird. 😦

    I also didn’t have access to most of the books for kids (Roald Dahl books, etc.) while growing up and I still haven’t read much children’s books but I’m hoping to change that. 🙂

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