TTT: Comparative Reading

In February this year, Lisa Bu gave one of the best TedTalks I’ve ever seen. (Spoiler: It’s bookish – watch it!) She talks about comparative reading, in other words reading two books together for better insight. Here is my list of contemporary books that I think should be read with required school reading. But first,Continue reading “TTT: Comparative Reading”

Death of a Childhood Friend

The thing about Facebook is that it keeps you in contact with people who otherwise may long have been forgotten. My parents and grandparents had to work a lot harder to keep in touch with their school friends – for us, it’s the click of a button. My parents may only have heard of theContinue reading “Death of a Childhood Friend”

Flashback to the Dance

Kelly just wrote a post about her prom (among other nights) that inspired me to do the same. Tonight the girls who were in grade 8 (first year of high school in South Africa) when I was in Matric (last year of HS) have their Matric Farewell – our equivalent of Prom. We nicknamed themContinue reading “Flashback to the Dance”

Top Ten Books I’d Play Hooky With

It is Spring Madness in the Northern Hemisphere, it seems, and The Broke and the Bookish are looking for partners in crime. On my side of the globe it is getting cold. The days are still warmish, but the mornings are crisp and the evening bite. So, whether it’s class or hospital or meetings, I wouldContinue reading “Top Ten Books I’d Play Hooky With”

Summer Jobs: A Necessary Evil

While Christmas shopping today I was recognised by some girls from my high school. It means a lot to me because I was kind of a someone in high school – often in the limelight and usually for a good reason – so university has sometimes made me feel small and invisible. Anyways, the girlsContinue reading “Summer Jobs: A Necessary Evil”