[Book Review] Every Minute Is A Day by Robert Meyer and Dan Koeppel

Not all COVID-books are for doctors. Like many healthcare workers, I have often turned to narratives to cope with my work, and these have been plentiful during the (COVID) pandemic. But eventually one reaches a point where you can no longer look into the mirror of your daily life – and I have reached thatContinue reading “[Book Review] Every Minute Is A Day by Robert Meyer and Dan Koeppel”

Baby-CPR: Full Circle

The first time I partook in a baby’s resuscitation was during my fourth year of medical school. It was a disaster: the wall-suction malfunctioned, the nursing staff were in the precarious business of changing shifts, and all algorithms flew out of the window.

I vowed optimistically that when I was a doctor, I would not let a baby die that way.

Review: When Breath Becomes Air

“The fact of death is unsettling. Yet there is no other way to live.” Why do we do what we do – choose a career in science, in business, or in the arts? Why do we procreate, and why do we sometimes choose not to? Is it that we are avoiding the inevitability of lifeContinue reading “Review: When Breath Becomes Air”

Madiba and the Child

We were on holiday when the news about Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela broke late Thursday evening. With little to no internet, WordPress was not an option (if you don’t blog it, did it really happen?), but the past few days have been a period of introspection for the whole of South Africa. It has been yearsContinue reading “Madiba and the Child”

Grey’s Anatomy: An Obituary

Do not read this if you have not yet watched up to and including Grey’s Anatomy S10E02. There will be spoilers. And emotions. If you are new to my blog (thank you for reading, and welcome) – yes, I do watch Grey’s Anatomy, and yes, I know a lot of it is entirely inaccurate; andContinue reading “Grey’s Anatomy: An Obituary”

TTT: Heavyweights

Last week with Top Ten Tuesdays we discussed the best light and fun books. Recall that it was really difficult for me. I did find some really nice suggestions on some blogs (there are light books out that that don’t feature love and bunnies! Who woulda thunk it?), but today we discuss books addressing tough subjects, andContinue reading “TTT: Heavyweights”

Death of a Childhood Friend

The thing about Facebook is that it keeps you in contact with people who otherwise may long have been forgotten. My parents and grandparents had to work a lot harder to keep in touch with their school friends – for us, it’s the click of a button. My parents may only have heard of theContinue reading “Death of a Childhood Friend”