Why I left private practice for the public sector

Some of the greatest psychological stressors are said to include breakups, death, moving house, and starting a new job. Sometimes we choose one or more of these willingly, and hope to hell that the payoff will be worth it. For two years, I worked in private general practice in Cape Town. The benefits of this kindContinue reading “Why I left private practice for the public sector”

A Key To Disillusionment In Work And Play

Shame, I feel sorry for us; because all we want is to belong, but somewhere along the line we have taught ourselves that to belong means to be among people who think like us; never realising how deprived such a community would be.

Lies They Tell You About Medicine

Canada’s The Globe and Mail recently published the piece, “Think medical school is for you? You’re probably wrong.” Trisha brought it to my attention with her great response piece here. While I think the author has some salient points, I disliked the strong undertones of the piece. It did get me thinking, though, how aContinue reading “Lies They Tell You About Medicine”

Medical School in South Africa: How does it work?

EDIT 4 July 2021: Hi! This remains one of the most popular posts on my blog, but please note that it was first written in 2013. While I like to think that my advice here is broadly applicable, things can and do change all the time. Do be sure to have a look around socialContinue reading “Medical School in South Africa: How does it work?”

Journal Flashback: 2009_03_30

I wrote this last year. It may well be one of the most honest journal entries I have ever done. Whether I still feel the same and my opinions on these facts, now… are inconsequential and a matter for another day: A country requires many more doctors than there are people who have a callingContinue reading “Journal Flashback: 2009_03_30”